Our Features

TurboMail combines ease of use with powerful functionality to help you achieve your email marketing goals. Whether you’re sending newsletters, promotional campaigns, or transactional emails, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet your needs. Dive in to discover how TurboMail can enhance your communication strategy, boost your engagement, and drive results like never before.

Below are the Features

List Management

Create, add/import contacts and manage your contact lists.

Personalized Emailing

Send personalised emails to clients.

Bulk Email

Send multiple emails at once.

Landing Pages

Build your website and landing pages and connect them with the web forms to capture the leads.

Realtime Analytics

Get real-time analytics, graphical statistics, and logs of your campaigns & email deliveries.

Multi Cast

Amplify outreach efforts with dynamic and reliable multicast capabilities through Turbomail.


Send scheduled emails and other actions based on a number of events.

Swift Communication

Turbocharge your emails with seamless efficiency and precision.


Maximize audience reach with targeted messages for optimal engagement.

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